At NBIS, It’s Not Just Lunch, It’s Powerlunch

Paying for lunch at North Branford Intermediate School has been upgraded.

Along with the , another difference students at will see is the way they pay for lunch. After , Powerlunch is all systems go at NBIS for the 2012-13 school year.

“We’re very excited about the Powerlunch program,” said Kimberly Neubig, the supervisor of fiscal and support services for . “We’ve been working on this since ] was here so we’re very happy it will finally open up.”

Because NBIS’s cafeteria has been recently updated, there were already drops for the necessary computers, though Neubig hopes to upgrade the other schools over time.

What is Powerlunch?

According to the North Branford School District website, Powerlunch “provides NBIS parents an easy and convenient way to make online food service payments over the internet 24/7.” Money can also be added to the account by cash or check during homeroom through cafeteria personnel.

The funds are added to the student’s ID card, which they use like a debit card to pay for their lunch ($2.50). Students cannot use their ID card to pay for extras, though they can still pay for their lunch with cash.

“We want parents to know that their children are using the money to buy lunch and that they’re not eating three bags of Doritos for lunch,” said Neubig. “We want them to eat the nutritious lunch.”

Late last week, Neubig met with the cafeteria staff at NBIS for training, noting that everyone was “very receptive, eager to learn and thought it would streamline their process.”

For more information on NBIS’s Powerlunch program, visit the district website, which also provided the attached FAQs and payment instructions.


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