Inventors Galore at TVES's Invention Convention (Photos)

There were many inventions showcased at Totoket Valley Elementary School's Invention Convention.

Nearly 200 students at Totoket Valley Elementary School participated in this year's Invention Convention with a wide variety of inventions showcased on March 27.

There were inventions that solved problems like toting those big trash cans out to the curb as Alessandro Ciccone's "Choo Choo Trash" used a train track solar-powered system to move the bins out; others that helped keep you organized, including Landon Melillo's "Nail Polish Holder," Brooke Melillo's "Dance Bag Organizer" and Shaelynn Thompson's "Locker Organizer."

Some focused on pets like Julianna Corniello's "Mess Preventer" that contained a pet's food and water dishes, while others aimed to help people lead a healthier lifestyle like Jessica Armin's "Di Val" that color-coded foods according to their nutritional value.

Many students based their inventions on things that interest them like technology with Erica Piercey's "iframe" and Adrianna Lucibello's "iPad Desk or sports like Alyssa Kendrick's "Perfect Strike" to help pitchers learn their trade, Catherine Dow's "Soccer Knee Protector and Shin Guard" and Griffin Geist's "Sports Equipment Dryer" to air out those sweaty pads from hockey, football or lacrosse.


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Parents and family members made their way through the gymnasium enjoying the rows of inventions before the judges made their rounds, checking out the inventions and interviewing the inventors. 

This year's judging panel included Principal Kris Lindsay, Jeremy Rice, Jillian Colonese, Debbie Verrillo, Bill Choti, Anthony Esposito, Denise Granucci, Kathi Maler, Al Sabetta, Maureen Dupuis, Suzanne Wright, Meg Peterson, Stephanie Byrd, Robert Hull, Matt Ayotte, Wendy Sawicki, Michael Augur, Skip Maler, Tim Reyher and Liz Anastasia.

The judges chose 10 finalists, who will go on to compete at the 30th annual Connecticut Invention Convention at UConn's Gampel Pavilion on May 4. Finalists are:

  • Alex Clinton: Go in the Dark Scooper
  • Joseph Jablonski: Perforated Pizza Box
  • Alyssa Kendrick: Perfect Strike
  • Sophia Anastasio: Relaxing Toilet Paper Replacer
  • Jadon Canelli: Utensil Pre-Cleaner
  • Patrick Mullen: Shoe Helper
  • Lia Prato: Hair Bandz
  • Julianne George: Portable Dog Hammock
  • Lucia Pantani: Second Hand Leg
  • Julia Heffernan: Wet Dry Central Vehicle Vacuum

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Blue Sky March 29, 2013 at 02:32 PM
Dont think the school should have made mandatory and then tell the kids they dont get a grade.
Proud Mom March 29, 2013 at 02:40 PM
It was a grade in Science. Looking at all these proud faces in these pictures demonstrates why this is such a worthwhile learning opportunity. Congrats to all those talented inventors!
al March 29, 2013 at 02:42 PM
What an awesome event to see. These Kids were all winners in my book for participating in something that gave them the chance to be Creative. They had the opportunity to explore the scientific process involved in inventing and to share their projects with our community. As a parent of one of the children involved I have to thank the school system for my sons opportunity to be part of this. Even though he did not make it to the second round, he enjoyed the whole experience immensely, and is proud of his Invention. As for myself, I had the opportunity to judge some of these inventions ... and I am proud of these fourth graders for what they came up with, Their innovation and dreams today, will shape the world of tomorrow. Congratulations to the 4th Grade Class as a whole, and to the faculty and staff of T.V.E.S. for once again allowing children to do what they do best.. dream and imagine, not what is, but what could be. We lose that too often as Adults in our day to day lives. Sincerely, Al S


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