Kaeley DeNegre Suits Up for Her Senior Year

Whether it's field hockey, fencing or track, Kaeley is ready for it!

 Name: Kaeley DeNegre

Age: 17


Activities: field hockey, fencing, track

Other Interests: band, jazz band

Future Plans: go to college to study music therapy, hopefully play field hockey in college too

Accomplishments: maintaining honor roll at school during all junior year. As well as being selected for pit band for the high school production of , Kaeley successfully auditioned and was selected for the Shoreline Music Festival. During her four years of playing field hockey in high school, Kaeley was part of the Shoreline Champions team, and made it through to the State tournament.

Key to Awesomeness: "I just try to work harder than everyone else. Everything takes heart and I try to put my heart into everything I do!"


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