And the 2013 PoCo Royal Court Members Are....

On Aug. 4, North Branford Patch crowned the king, queen, prince and princess of that Potato Fest!

The 2013 North Branford Potato and Corn Festival – or the PoCo Fest as many are now calling it! – was capped by honoring some of the many volunteers who work countless hours to make the Fest such a success. 

A select few of these volunteers were honored by being named to the 2013 Royal Patch Court after being nominated by the community. Dennis Pannone, the 2012 Prince, handed down the crowns to the 2013 court.

Diane Denardis and Bill Merrick were named Princess and Prince. Denardis worked the weekend in the potato and corn booth, while Merrick spearheaded much of the marketing for the festival.

The 2013 queen is Lauren Munro, the town's recreation supervisor, who served as Rec Director Pam Gery's "right-hand woman" when it came to Fest preparation. And while Ron Ragozzino was too shy to come forward to accept his crown, he was named king for taking care of all of the logistics under the big white food tent.

Congratulations to all of the members of the Royal Court and thank you for all you do! 
The 2011 Royal Patch Court included Queen Jackie Folz and King Kyle Mezerewski, along with Princess Karen Ablondi and Prince Willy Taylor. Last year, Pam Gery was named Queen with Pete Deyo of New Haven Sign Company crowned King. Elisa and Dennis Pannone were the Prince and Princess. 

Do you want a chance to be named to the Royal Court? See how you can get involved with volunteering with the 2014 North Branford PoCo Fest

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