How to Beat the Heat at Branford Point

Advice from beachgoers on keeping cool.

Temperatures topping out at nearly 100 degrees yesterday? Only one thing to do - head to the beach. Thermometers at Branford Point showed the cool sea breeze took off nearly 20 degrees from the mid-afternoon heat Thursday, as the Shore Line area suffered from a .

"All I have to say is, stay in the shade if you can and get in the water if you can't stay in the shade," said guard Caroline Clocker, who will work afternoons and evenings at Branford Point this weekend. Clocker said Thursday was probably the busiest day of the year, and she expects her shift Friday night to be busy, too.

Branford Point filled up quickly and stayed busy until nearly sunset, with families and friends hitting the shore to swim, fish, play frisbee, or just read in the relief of the breeze. A few girls (who asked to remain anonymous, because they told me they were playing hookey from work) came down with lawn chairs and magazines.

"We didn't get in the water," one told me. "It was mom central when we first got here, so we were really nervous!"

Friends Laura Wiggins, Sasha Bushnell and Lauren Bernland had nothing to hide in talking about their great day out. Wiggins said she kept cool by going for a bike ride this morning.

"It was great, not hot at all," she said. "It's really refreshing -- the wind's in your face and you feel great."

She met with her friends to lounge around on the beach for the afternoon. They considered renting a boat and getting out on the water -- another great way to keep cool.

Meanwhile, at the edge of the dock, fisherman Daniel Atwater cast out his line. Atwater says he doesn't have a computer or a cell phone -- "I don't do technology!" -- and couldn't keep indoors on a hot day if he had to.

His advice for the carefree beachgoer: "If it gets too hot, just jump in!"

According to the National Weather Service, Friday's high should be near 88 -- a slight reprieve, but expect crowds to turn out at Branford Point just the same.


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