To Say Nothing, To Do Nothing, Stops Nothing!

Stopping animal cruelty takes education and action.

I am sure by now most of you have read or heard about the . The case where Alex Wullaert allegedly choked his dog Desmond to death and dumped his body, after he says it bit him. I’m not sure how true it is that Desmond actually bit him, but even if it is true, it’s no excuse for what he did. Desmond’s body was found wrapped in plastic . The dog had broken teeth, bruises and almost nothing in his belly. Plastic, and paper and stuff like that were found in his belly which indicates the poor thing was eating that stuff because he was starving. So that means he was beaten and starved, yeah I think I would bite too. This weasel admits to only feeding the dog a cup of rice a day and leaving it for up to 12 hours a day while he worked. Now, how someone who works 12 hour days couldn’t afford dog food is beyond me.

We can only imagine the life poor Desmond endured at the hands of the waste of space. It saddens me to think about it, but we must. We can not turn a blind eye to animal cruelty any longer. People who commit crimes of this nature will move on to hurting people. There is no room in our society for these people. Taking advantage of an animal’s trust or innocence is to me on the same level as hurting a child, and should be met with the same level of outrage and anger. But sadly it is not. It is treated in the court system like a traffic ticket. Even the charge for dumping the poor dog’s body was littering. Littering? That’s offensive. Desmond was a living, breathing and loving creature not an old newspaper.

As outrageous as this crime is stuff like this happens every day, and in some cases much more horrific. If the way we treat animals is a reflection on us as a country, or as a species, then we should not like what we see. From factory farming, the circus, puppy mills and all the way down to the bottom of the barrel, dog fighting. It’s sad that humans feel being the top of the food chain gives us the right to exploit, and abuse animals. It should be the exact opposite. We should be their protectors. We should be their guardians. Just imagine what a different world we would be living in today if humans as a species felt this way. I know, I know dreamland. I just feel in order to move the evolution of the human race in the right direction, we need to address and fix how we treat the creatures in our world that are vulnerable. Choose to protect rather then rule over. Choose to cherish rather then abuse. Choose to love rather then hate. These are virtues that were instilled in me my whole life and if we have any hope, these virtues need to be instilled in the younger generation. Everybody must do their part.

There are a small percentage of us out there that see animal cruelty, abuse and neglect and choose to act. We just need this to be the majority of us if there is any hope. It all starts with awareness. Pay attention to what goes on around you. Open your eyes to the cruelty humans inflict on the helpless, the innocent and the silent. If there is any hope for the future we most stop animal cruelty in all its forms.

R.I.P. Desmond

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Poppy's Pets May 20, 2012 at 05:28 PM
Very well said VJ! I was thinking the same thing about the food. If you're working 12 hours a day, you have $20 for a bag of dog food! It sickens me to think the dog was so hungry he ate the toilet paper and other toiletries. I believe this guy only adopted the dog to get back at his girlfriend who dumped him.....after he tried to STRANGLE her. I hope the court sees the pattern here and gets this scum off the streets. He IS a danger to society!
Wonderfully written VJ, much more eloquent than I could have said without a ton of swearing. There is a Justice for Desmond Facebook page that keeps everyone up to date on the case, and there will also be a peaceful protest on his next court date.
Thank you Lise and Rosie for adopting from the EH shelter!
Hi Sam - Some rescues do seem to be a little overzealous in their adoptions, but on of the reason they do this is exactly so that someone like Alex is not allowed to adopt an animal. At the EH shelter, we do vet checks, reference checks, and we also check the police database to look for any prior violent crimes. We don't discriminate against people without fences, etc......we just want to make sure that our animals are going into good homes. I do hope you'll consider rescue again.
pigglett May 21, 2012 at 04:46 PM
Great piece VJ. Thanks for writing it and giving a voice to the voiceless!


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