For Adoption: Bonnie and Clyde the Dynamic Duo

Come meet the brother and sister pair Bonnie and Clyde who are at the shelter waiting to go to their forever home!

Spring is in the air at the and when visitors pull up into our parking lot and look into our side yard, they may see something unique for the shelter.

They would see two dogs romping in the yard together, brother and sister hound mixes known as Bonnie and Clyde. Usually only one dog is allowed in the yard at a time, but because Bonnie and Clyde are brother and sister and so well behaved, they get a special privilage.

Bonnie and Clyde came to the Branford Animal Shelter from another shelter and they are now looking for a forever home as a pair. Clyde is the comedian and Bonnie is the straight man in their comedy duo. They balance out each other perfectly and would do well with anyone who wants two dogs who are active but also very friendly and fun.

Come to the Branford Animal Shelter to meet our beloved Bonnie and Clyde and also visit the other animals that we have. If you take away anything from the visit, it will be a smile.


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