Adopt a Hybrid Monetary and Economic System

To improve their automobiles, many manufacturers developed hybrid engines. To improve the operations of the U.S., the nation should develop a new hybrid monetary, funding, and economic system.


ADOPT A HYBRID MONETARY AND ECONOMIC SYSTEM. To improve their automobiles, many manufacturers developed hybrid engines. To improve the operations of the U.S., the nation should develop a new hybrid monetary, funding, and economic system.

The U.S. and the world are changing. New problems and dangers are arising. The nation needs to build its strengths. Tragically, however, the U.S. has an aging and outmoded nation-weakening monetary system. It is mathematically flawed and can not be balanced. It creates and needs both millions of bankruptcies and trillions of dollars of debts in order to  keep functioning, always imperfectly, toward ultimate collapse. Furthermore, that system can not be constructively improved, balanced, fixed, or made constructively viable by new fiscal procedures; that is, by new debt, tax, and budgeting procedures. A significant systemic change is urgently needed.

Under the hybrid system proposed in my book, particularly in Ch. 17, the nation could do much that it now can not readily do; that is, it could significantly increase production and jobs, improve many public services, execute a massive infrastructure program, and improve living conditions while, simultaneously, it reduces national and state debts and taxes. The word “hybrid,” was seldom mentioned in my book, but that is the type of system I was describing.

In a document entitled “TEN ACTIONS FOR BUILDING AND STRENGTHENING THE UNITED STATES,” Action #8 is this, “Create a National Economic Development Bank (Ch. 17) for issuing asset-based and debt-free money to underwrite a massive infrastructure program for the construction and modernization of public capital assets; thereby, directly or indirectly, the nation builds itself, reduces national and state debts and taxes, increases employment, neutralizes the adverse impact of the interest factor in national affairs, and also supports health, education, entitlements, and other worthy nation-building programs.”

Once that proposal is adopted, the nation would have a national hybrid monetary, funding, and economic system, part money oriented and debt-based and part economically oriented and asset-based. Production, employment, and growth in the asset-based sector would be limited primarily by the availability of domestic and imported resources; capital and consumer goods and services; the skills and abilities of the people, labor, and management; the quality of health, education, environmental, and social services; the commitment of the people; and the quality of national leadership at the top. Simultaneously, public debts could be reduced and money issued by the asset-based sector would help to reduce debts in the private sector.

The U.S. could then become a strategically more powerful, secure, and independent nation in our increasingly more complex and dangerous world by strengthening, building, and coordinating all national strengths: political, economic, geopolitical, diplomatic, social, and military. That has been a challenge for each society and nation throughout all history. ADOPT A HYBRID MONETARY AND ECONOMIC PROGRAM. MAKE THE U.S. GREAT AGAIN!


(Please see my website www.buildusanow.com for more info about my book and for buying it as a paperback, ebook, Kindle, or Nook from Outskirtspress.com, Barnesandnoble.com, or Amazon.com. Also, please post your comments and send this message to others.       (11/3/12) 

William H. James, Ph.D., Author      www.buildusanow.com             

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