New Haven Wants Occupy Gone by Wednesday

The protesters plan on staying put despite the city's orders.

Occupy New Haven may have made it through the coldest days of winter, but it looks like they won’t be going much further if the city has its way. New Haven is demanding that the “occupiers” pack up and leave the downtown green by noon on Wednesday, March 14. 

The Occupy crowd plans on staying put according to the Hartford Courant. They reportedly won’t be leaving because the city hasn’t met the group’s demands “for improved school funding and low-income housing, longer library hours and an end to foreclosures. A lawyer for the protesters says it could take years in court proceedings to evict the occupiers.” 

Occupy New Haven began in October with a . The numbers dwindled over the months, but the protesters developed a semi-permanent home on the New Haven Green through the and . 

Tricia G. March 16, 2012 at 07:04 PM
"What has Occupy achieved in 6 months?" Other than making NH's town green (and most other "occupy sites") an ugly and disgusting eyesore, for a nation-wide "movement," apparently not much! ..."The Occupy movement has influenced the national dialogue about economic equality, with the word 'occupy' itself becoming part of the public lexicon. "VARIED IMPACT: The protest movement is credited with a range of more concrete accomplishments, from influencing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's about-face on a millionaire's tax to helping to save an Atlanta church and veterans' homes from foreclosure in Atlanta and Minneapolis. In Rhode Island, Occupy Providence won a temporary day center to serve the homeless during the winter." http://news.yahoo.com/summary-box-occupy-achieved-6-months-174602618.html


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