On Tonight: So You Think You Can Dance, The New Normal and The Voice

Time for Tuesday night TV tips.

Tuesday, Sept. 18

So You Think You Can Dance, 8 p.m., Fox

And so it comes down to Cyrus or Chehon, Tiffany or Eliana. The one guy/one girl champion sort of takes the fun out of the finale, as we are close to ‘Everyone wins!’ as you can get here. And while Chehon is ridiculously talented and adorable, I want Cyrus to take the Boy title. I just like him and his back story better. As for the girls, they are interchangeable to me. I cannot remember a single performance of either of theirs from the entire season without the help of YouTube.

The New Normal, 9:30 p.m., Fox

I find this uncomfortable to watch, and I am not sure why. But I also keep watching it, and again, I am  not sure why. Does this make it a success? Or a mishmash of good and bad and there is not enough else on yet to take me away? We shall see, I guess.

The Voice, 8 p.m., NBC

It is amazing to me how many of these folks have a story about how they were actually in the music industry – contract signed, recording made, tour set – and then it all went away. This is why everyone needs to do their homework! Because nothing is guaranteed and you need a Plan B.


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