DeLauro Takes Aim at Republican's Medicare Plan [Video]

A Woodbridge Medicare recipient joined DeLauro at Apex Pharmacy in Hamden.


Standing alongside Center for Medicare Advocacy director Judy Stein and Woodbridge resident Harvey Adelberg, Rep. Rosa DeLauro spoke against Republican plans to alter Medicare coverage in a press conference at in Hamden Wednesday.

DeLauro, a Democrat who has served eleven terms in Connecticut's 3rd Congressional District, has been a strong supporter of the Affordable Care Act, which she helped pass in congress in 2010. She told press she rejects the Republican plan spearheaded by representative and vice-presidential hopeful Paul Ryan, which would change Medicare to a voucher-based system.


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Christopher Schaefer August 31, 2012 at 11:16 AM
In all her blather about rebates, Rosa DeLauro fails to mention who’s actually paying for ObamaCare. According to the July 24 estimates of the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office [CBO] http://cbo.gov/ the insurance coverage provisions of ObamaCare will cost the government $1.7 trillion from 2012 to 2022. That includes $642 billion for Medicaid, $1 trillion for subsidies and $23 billion of tax credits to help small employers buy insurance. The CBO “assumes” that these expenses will be “completely offset” by revenues from: NEW taxes, NEW penalties and NEW fees. (Keep in mind that these “assumptions” are made by the same folks who can’t even balance the federal budget…) So here’s my suggested “mandate”: every time DeLauro says a government program will result in “rebates” she should be required to reveal which voting taxpayers actually will pay for it. Because somebody has too—and it’s most likely YOU. At this same press conference DeLauro stated "The most important thing is to vote in November." Correct. So we finally can end 22 years of DeLauro doublespeak—and replace her with Wayne Winsley: http://winsley2012.com/aboutwayne/
Palin Smith September 01, 2012 at 06:59 PM
Rosa DeLauro's reactionary retentiveness to anything that might save, streamline or solve problems with Medicare is scarey. In the realm of new ideas, DeLauro is like a newborn puppy, oblivious to the real world so long as that government teat is free-flowing. And what she fears most is a debate with her challenger, Wayne Winsley. Winsley's new ideas focus clearly on the main issues of the day. Want to learn more about this Winsley guy? Google "Who is Wayne Winsley" and get ready to break out into the real world.
Christopher Schaefer September 01, 2012 at 07:12 PM
In the 1st 8 minutes of this interview you’ll get Wayne Winsley’s philosophy—based on his hardscrabble early life (vs. super-rich DeLauro’s fake solutions—based on condescending, elitist “theories”). http://ct-n.com/ondemand.asp?ID=8108 Winsley: “There isn’t a single government program…that has ever made a single person financially independent”… “The only place where innovation is frowned on is government” [referring to the fact that politicians agree Soc. Security & Medicare need to be made solvent—but DeLauro won’t deal with the programs’ impending bankruptcy]. Wayne Winsley: “I have one request [of the Hartford Courant]: Don’t endorse any candidate in the 3rd District until AFTER there have been debates.” [DeLauro refuses to even respond to Winsley’s requests for a debate. Is she hiding something?...]


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