An Emerging Era

Reforming the national monetary and banking system and then strengthening and building the nation.

The Monetarists and the Evolving Crisis
Wake Up, Americans; We Are Losing Our Great Nation
William H. James, Ph.D.           

Please look at my website www.buildusanow.com. The quotations, excerpts, and commentaries are related to many community, state and national problems and what can be done to make the U.S. a great nation again. 

AN EMERGING ERA. The United States needs a new coalition of producers and builders from all industries, businesses, work groups, professions and the general public who recognize that the nation’s strengths are not measured by money, but instead, are measured by the health and skills of its people; the ownership, strategic imports, production and distribution of economic assets; and the wisdom of its leaders. That coalition should take back control of the U.S. from the nation-weakening national and international monetary and banking goliaths, reform its monetary and banking system, and then build the nation.

For years, Presidents and Congresses, the elected representatives of the people, have been transferring control of the nation’s monetary and banking system—a top level of control of the nation—to unelected people and internationalists at the independent Federal Reserve Bank (Fed), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other organizations. Now the U.S. is weakening and is suffering numerous problems including unemployment, underemployment, poverty, bankruptcies, eroding public services, rising national debts and many desperate people. Take back the nation, build it, and make it great again.

, the nation’s current flawed, wholly debt-based and nation-weakening monetary and banking system helps to create many problems, including debt problems, which cannot be constructively rectified by fiscal changes which unwisely reduce public spending and create austerity conditions. In brief, for constructive progress for the nation and the people, constructive monetary and banking reforms should be given priority over fiscal changes

However, many influential politicians often give first priority to fiscal reductions and that procedure will make matters worse instead of better. That thought has been clearly demonstrated in the Euro zone area where politicians gave first priority to imposing restrictive “fiscal compact” and austerity procedures upon the Euro zone nations and then, very quickly, many crises intensified throughout the entire Euro zone area. That could be expected. It can also be expected that many continuing crises in the U.S. will increase if the U.S. is subjected to either Romney restricted spending procedures or the continuing nation-weakening Obama pro-banker, pro-IMF, pro-G-8, pro-G-20 and pro-export-oriented trade procedures. The nation needs a new coalition of nation builders and a new type of political leadership.       

Read my book. Learn about many types of potential crises ahead. Read my recommended procedures for building the nation and reducing public debts at the same time. Among many things, I recommend the withdrawal of the U.S. from the IMF, the nationalization of all or part of the Fed, the creation of two new national banks of which one is an economic development bank recommended in Chapter 17 and the establishment of a huge infrastructure program which will increase employment for constructing and modernizing public capital assets throughout the nation and doing so without increasing national and state debts. That program will improve many public services and entitlements including Social Security, Medicare, etc., and will also increase the nation’s relative strategic power in the current era of a growing and increasingly dangerous world. Americans, join together, take back the nation, build it, and make it great again.         

For more information, visit www.buildusanow.com where you can review the book. You can also review the book on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com.

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