Regardless of what the nation’s leaders do about fiscal (debt, tax, and budget) affairs, the nation’s problems will continue until there is constructive MONETARY REFORM.



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            GIVE PRIORITY TO MONETARY REFORMS. Regardless of what the nation’s leaders do about fiscal (debt, tax, and budget) affairs, the nation’s problems will continue and will get worse until the monetary system is constructively reformed.

News is being spread that the U.S. is approaching a “fiscal cliff.” There is a crisis, and it is worsening, but the primary causes for the crisis are deficiencies and a mathematical flaw in the nation’s monetary system. Some people are saying that in order to reduce the national debt and balance national budgets the nation should either reduce public spending or increase taxes. However, any fiscal actions to increase taxes or reduce spending without first enacting constructive monetary reforms will do little or nothing to modify or eliminate mammoth problems which are being created by the nation’s monetary system. Three mammoth problems are these: (1) a shortage of money within the system, thereby causing millions of personal and business bankruptcies; (2) a rising national debt which is increasing at an annual compound rate; and (3) a very high concentration of wealth under the control of relatively few people.  

            Regardless of what is done about fiscal affairs, here are three foreseeable developments:  (1) The U.S. will be in a crisis mode for as long as it has its present wholly interest-bearing and debt-based monetary system; (2) Under the nation’s current monetary system, the system and the nation need more money than the monetary system creates with a result that millions of bankruptcies and trillions of dollars of national debts are mathematically certain to develop; and (3) Under the nation’s current monetary system it is mathematically impossible to balance national budgets, and any attempts to do so, without first constructively modifying the monetary system, will weaken the nation and inflict misery and austerity upon many people.

            Here is a recommendation: the U.S. should adopt a hybrid monetary system, part money oriented and debt-based, and part economically oriented, debt-free, and asset-based. This would be a massive infrastructure and public capital asset investment program. To start, it would increase jobs, strengthen the nation, and reduce public debts and taxes. Then build the nation.

            We are living in an increasingly dangerous world. During both peace and war the nation always needs strategic power, and that is created by building and astutely coordinating all national strengths: political, economic, geopolitical, diplomatic, social, and military. Build those strengths. People are the nation’s major asset. The nation therefore needs health, educational, environmental, and social services. It needs food, production, a new “strategic trade” policy, and new sciences, technologies, visions, and goals. Build the people so they can build and strengthen the nation. Avoid the entanglements of the monetarists, the IMF people, and the internationalists. People who see primarily a “fiscal cliff” ahead are on the wrong road to the future and should constructively reform the nation’s monetary system and shift to a new highway toward national growth and progress. We need leaders and people with wisdom, pro-nation commitments, and the courage of the brave.

My book has supporting information for most or all preceding statements. Read it!

(My book can be purchased as a paperback, ebook, Kindle, or Nook through my website www.buildusanow.com, or from Outskirtspress.com, Amazon.com, and Barnesandnoble.com. Please see my excerpts and commentaries, particularly AVOID A FISCAL CLIFF, BUILD THE USA, RESOLVING THE DEBT PROBLEM, and ADOPT A HYBRID SYSTEM. Please post your comments and send these messages to others. WHJ                                       11/11/12.)

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