Northford Preschool Academy Is the Readers' Choice for Preschools

While there was plenty of love shown for all of the preschools in town, Northford Preschool Academy came out on top in North Branford Patch's Readers' Choice.

This week proved to be our most popular Readers' Choice yet with almost 500 votes, and tons of reviews and ratings for our .

Though there were great things said about each of the four preschools, Northford Preschool Academy and Northford Community Nursery School took off in the polls, going neck and neck throughout the week. Nursery on Notch Hill made a late comeback, rallying the voting and the reviews in the final hours.

In the end, took top honors with 180 votes, a five-star rating on its and some glowing reviews including these: 

: "...I wish I had another little one who could go to Northford Preschool Academy to benefit from their wonderful program!"

: "...They make learning fun..."

: "It's a place where the children are encouraged to use their imaginations and self expression! They love it!"

: "...I'm so impressed I have my baby on the list for fall 2014!"

The , with 149 votes, also has a five-star rating with 10 ratings and 10 reviews. Check out its for full comments. Review comments included these: 

: "...They do a wonderful job balancing play, art, and academics. I highly recommend this school..."

: "...The socialization skills they learned there made them more confident when they started kindergarten..."

: "...I alway felt comfortable that my children were in good hands..."

, with 127 votes, holds a 4 1/2 star rating on its , which also boasts wonderful comments (see the place page for all of the comments), including: 

: "My grandson attends NCNS and I cannot believe the progress he has made..." 

: "...if it wasn't for the love, passion and dedication of the teachers, I don:t believe he would be the student he is today. They work with your child needs, help them to grow and nurture them into little people..."

: "...I would reccommend it to EVERYONE!! I will be sad when I no longer have kids there."

The is another five-star choice. With 25 votes, here's what people have to say about their experience with FRC:

: "...I know that he is getting everything he needs to prepare him for kindergarten..."

: "...It's truly a great feeling knowing when I walk out the door that my son is in a positive enviorment with people I can trust."

While this week's poll may be closed, you can still in our Patch Places directory at any time. 

Other Readers' Choice 2012 winners include  for ,  for favorite Asian restaurant in town and  for favorite bank.


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