You Are North Branford's Voice!

North Branford Patch recognizes our great Local Voices of 2011 and is seeking applications for additions to our community platform.

North Branford Patch is welcoming all interested writers, photographers and citizen journalists to take to the computer this New Year and share your knowledge and expertise with the community in the Local Voices section.

Whether you’re  like , the  at  or you’re  like ; or sharing personal experiences like 's winning battle with a brain tumor, 's challenges of being a or 's experiences in ',' we’ve got a space for you on North Branford Patch.

There are also so many topics not yet covered by the experts and voices of our community. Are you into local news and events? How about your neighborhood and what happens there? Patch encourages all types of writers and creative types to join us and the community online now!

Meet our current bloggers by browsing our photo gallery here and if you think you’ve got an idea for a post, . We can't wait to hear from you!

Have you checked out posts by these bloggers yet?


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