Borelli Farm Brush Fire Still Burning

Nearly two weeks later, the giant pile is still burning, sending smoke into the air.

With the brush fire at Borelli Farm on the North Haven/Northford town line now burning for nearly two weeks after , the property owners can now be facing fines according to WTNH.

WTNH reported that the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is now involved with Dennis Schain stating: "They're flouting of the law and the violation of standards has caused problems for others. Smoke in the air [is] affecting neighbors. Run off from fighting the fire [is] bringing charcoal and depleting the oxygen in the nearby river killing the fish." 

North Branford as the huge pile of brush had to dismantled by excavators. Seward shared the attached photo of excavators working on the pile.

According to the New Haven Register, Borrelli Farm has had two excavators from Quality Construction on the scene since Thursday morning. The Register also reported that the East Shore Health Department is also taking precautions and issued a warning saying: 

"residents need to be aware and cautious if the fire generates smoke and odors onto their property. People may have to restrict outdoor activities, particularly those with exertion; preventing smoke from entering the home by keeping doors, windows and fireplace dampers closed and using air conditioners on the recirculation setting; and contacting a medical provider with any questions about physical symptoms or the worsening of a chronic respiratory or cardiac condition, according to Health Director Michael Pascucilla."

Beverly Keener April 23, 2012 at 08:30 PM
It is two weeks tomorrow that we have been living in a state of despair due to the horrendous air quality at our home due to the smoke contamination in the air. I have cardiac and respiratory problems and the Borelli fire is endangering my life each day that it burns. When will this nightmare be over? Beverly Keener, Village St., Northford
Jenn McCulloch April 23, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Beverly, I can't imagine--when I was up there to take the photos, I smelled like a campfire after only a few minutes. Hoping it is taken care of soon. On our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/NorthBranfordPatch) four readers said they still smell the smoke from the fire, some from as far away as Route 80.
North Havener April 24, 2012 at 12:41 AM
I feel for those living in the immediate area of the fire. It's not just about their health but their quality of life has been adversely effected, while the fire has been allowed to burn for 2 weeks. I understand what they go through, as I have allergies and a touch of asthma and I can imagine smoke adding to that misery. My neighbor likes to agravate my condition by firing up his fireplace, often, so that's similar to this Borelli farm compost pile burning. Not only do cars and homes get sooty from the ash, people are forced to stay inside. This effects their quality of life and standard of living. Who's going to pay to wash their cars and home? Who's going to pay for the misery they are being forced to go through? If someone dies from the smoke agravating their respiratory condition or even forcing them to become hospitalized, who's going to pay for that? What is North Haven, East Haven and North Branford towns doing to resolve the matter? I see no effort on their parts to resolve the issue? Don't they need to show some responsibility to the residents in their own towns, as they are forcing them to breath this smoke, by them doing NOTHING? Is it because they all contributed to building the pile with their own debris from their towns, which started the fire?


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