Notes from the January Police Commission Meeting

The North Branford Police Commission discussed December’s numbers before inducting two new officers.

At the Jan. 9 meeting of the North Branford Police Commission, in, but not before the Commission heard reports from December.

During December, the reported:

  • 850 calls for service
  • 31 motor vehicles accidents (3 with injuries)
  • 48 summons
  • 88 alarms of which 88 were false
  • $1,281.21 for vehicle maintenance

For the final quarter of 2011, there were a total of 2,564 calls for service and more than $4,200 spent on vehicle repairs.

“Hopefully that number will start to go down with the ,” said Chief Matthew Canelli.

All four of the NBPD’s new cars, which they secured through a , were in service as of Jan. 6. When reviewing the reports, commissioners noted that mileage in the 600-mile range was “nice to see” after being used to seeing some cars with .

Canelli went on to note that the new cars are brightly illuminated from behind, which will keep officers safe with vehicles stopped.

Housekeeping Items

Heading into 2012, the commission nominated Dan Troiano to remain as chairman, Dave Palumbo to continue as vice chairman and John Landolfi to stay on as clerk.

“We have had a difficult year, but we know what’s best for our town and what’s best for our council will be best for these guys here [at the NBPD],” said Palumbo. “I think we’re all on the same page with that and it’s nice to see.”

The Police Commission will meet today (Jan. 12) at 3 p.m. to discuss the budget.

Chase is Back

The NBPD’s police dog, , is back in action, now as a “full-fledged drug dog,” according to Canelli. He and Officer Mauro Piroli recently completed training.

Lieutenant David D’Ancicco said there will be for the council and possibly for the schools when the weather breaks. He also noted that Chase already assisted on a possession arrest.

Thank You from Joanne Wentworth

, founder of the North Branford Food Bank, stood to thank Officer Ron Ferrucci and the other officers who volunteered their time for the .

“I want to thank them and thank you for letting them do that,” said Wentworth. “Usually after Christmas, the shelves are bare and now there’s not enough room for anything. I’ve never seen the Food Bank so full and it’s wonderful.”


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