Election 2012: North Branford and Northford Results

Winners in North Branford included Obama, McMahon, DeLauro, Cartier and Candelora; charter revisions voted on.


Voter turnout in North Branford and Northford was slightly lower than voter turnout in the last presidential election in 2008, which was 82 percent. In today's elections 6,924 of 9,031 registered voters (76.7 percent) cast their votes. 

When it came to North Branford and Northford's choice for the next president, voters chose Democrats Barack Obama and Joe Biden with 3,375 votes over Republicans Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan with 3,290 votes. Rocky Anderson and Luis Rodriguez (I) had 21 votes, while Gary Johnson and Jim Gray (L) had 52. 

In the senate race, North Branford chose Linda McMahon (R/I) with 3,294 votes to Chris Murphy's (D/WF) 3,119 votes. Paul Passarelli (L) had 128 votes. 

Democrat incumbent Rosa DeLauro earned North Branford's votes again with 4,383 over Republican Wayne Winsley, who had 2,083 votes, for Congress.

In the State Senate race, local voters favored newcomer Cindy Cartier (R/I), who tallied 3,316 votes, over Sen. Ed Meyer (D/WF) with 3,050 votes. 


State Rep. Vin Candelora, who ran unopposed again, gathered 4,591 votes to maintain his seat.

For a full breakdown of election results by party and by district, see the attached PDF.


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Local Issues

Residents also had several local issues to consider regarding revising the town's charter. Here's how they voted:

1. Shall the Town Charter be revised to permit the Town Council, by the affirmative vote of no less than six (6)  of its members, to modify the residency requirement for any given Town Manager? 3,017 Yes; 2,282 No

2. Shall the Town Charter be revised so that a plurality of votes to accept the budget, or to recommend to the Town Council its rejection, be effective regardless of the number of qualified electors voting. 2430 Yes; 2801 No

3. Shall the Town Charter be revised to increase the number of Board of Education members from six (6) to seven (7), change term of office of such members to commence on the Tuesday following their election instead of in December, and increase total membership of six (6) to total membership of seven (7) under minority representation? 3,463 Yes; 1,927 No

4. Shall practical revisions be made to the Town Charter to provide a coin toss in the event of a tie for Mayor or Deputy Mayor, remove the position of Constable, allow flexibility in publication of public hearing notices as a cost savings, update titles of some appointed Town officials, amend language in the Registrar of Voters and Justices of the Peace provisions for compliance with state statutes, and add clarifying language in conflict of offices provision? 2,800 Yes; 2,337 No


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