Plans for Swajchuk Property Presented

Nafis and Young presented plans for the Swajchuk Property to the North Branford Town Council.

Plans for a new town park are underway with Nafis and Young sharing their concept plan for the Swajchuk Property at the .

The plan not only involves relocating Wall Field, which is currently behind the building, to the Swajchuk Property behind the , but also making sure the infrastructure is in place to add other features in the future.

Town Manager noted that Wall Field will be a regulation infield with a 70-foot radius with dual mounds so it can also be played at 60 feet. The fence line is designed at 225 feet.

walked the Town Council through their plans for the property. The plan presented would cost $800,000, but he noted many things can be pared down or completed at a later date.

“These ideas are what we saw for incorporating Wall Field, another Little League field, a multi-use field, access roads and parking,” said Kurt Weiss, town engineer. “We asked them to look at everything and make sure it works with the intention of only going ahead with Wall Field, access roads and parking due to limited funds.”

Galligan presented the Council with the locations of the two fields, which would both be sod with a clay mix infield, and the multi-use/practice field, which would be grass. The fields would have a drain system in the outfield and an underdrain system under the fields.  

He also discussed the parking area, which he explained would be set up as two double bays with a turnaround where parents can safely drop off children at the field. The parking lot is currently designed as a gravel lot with about 120 spaces, though how the spaces will be delineated is still in question.

Other elements included dugouts, batting cages and a concession stand, which has an estimated cost of $100,000.

“It’s not a question of if we’ll have a concession building, but rather, if it’s included in this bid package,” noted Galligan.

As Weiss noted, the first phase includes just one field, but Galligan pointed out that the bid includes installing the infrastructure to be able to expand.

“We want to be able to provide water, septic and lighting to be able to add a second field,” he said.

Branigan noted that lighting is not included in the bid package, but the infrastructure will be there when the funds are available to add it.

Galligan explained that the next step, with the Council’s blessing to move forward, is to meet with Weiss to determine how costs can be reduced, either through breaking out or eliminating items, getting volunteers to contribute or getting materials donated. Galligan pointed out the director Fran Merola has said he has some materials available.

“Our goal is to have a play surface by next spring so we need to have sod for August,” said Galligan.

Another item included in the presentation was the possible location of the , which was .

“We’re looking at the southern side of the property,” said Branigan. “A large number of that need to be cleared and we hope, at some point, that would be an ideal place. There are still some trees standing so there will be some shade for the people who use it.”


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