NBIS Announces 4th Quarter Honor Roll

The following students made honors for North Branford Intermediate School's fourth term.

Updated: Aug. 15, 2012

8th-grader Victoria DeNegre also made High Honors and was inadvertently omitted from the original posting. Great job Victoria!

Updated: July 29, 2012. 

The following students were inadvertently omitted from the original posting. Our apologies and congratulations on your success!

Grade 8

  • Kristen Austin, High Honors
  • Marissa Czarnecki, High Honors
  • Jenna D’Agostino, High Honors
  • Hannah DelCervo, High Honors
  • Tyler Finn, High Honors
  • Sarah Flanagan, High Honors
  • Juliana Harrison, High Honors
  • Adrianna Onofrio, High Honors
  • Celeste Rice, High Honors
  • Erica Sellers, High Honors
  • Erin Stiegler, High Honors
  • Kristi Wharton, High Honors
  • Tyler Williams, High Honors
  • Colton Brown, Honors
  • Nicole Bruno, Honors
  • Anthony Diglio, Honors
  • Birgetta Johnson, Honors
  • Kayla McMillen, Honors
  • Briana Skrinski, Honors
  • Maria Socarras, Honors


 saw 212 students named to the honor roll for the final term.

Student Name Grade Level Level Augur, Frederick Van 8 High Honors Augur, Gabrielle 8 High Honors Basil, Haley 8 High Honors Burkle, Adam 8 High Honors Calamita, Sarah Margaret 8 High Honors Carangelo, Michelle Ann 8 High Honors Chironno, Erika Rose 8 High Honors Combs, Kristen Noelle 8 High Honors Cristante, Vittoria Rose 8 High Honors Currie, Eilidh Iona 8 High Honors DelGaudio, Carissa Ann 8 High Honors Denton, Justin 8 High Honors Dulak, Maggie 8 High Honors Faraclas, Kristen Alexis 8 High Honors Feliz, Dayro Geronimo 8 High Honors Giammattei, Gabrielle 8 High Honors Golia, Lindsay Marie 8 High Honors Golia, Meghan Elizabeth 8 High Honors Grandpre, Kaylea Cameron 8 High Honors Hisham, Wissam 8 High Honors Ingarra, Jessica Lauren 8 High Honors Kostoss, Eric Wu 8 High Honors Lamot, Paulina 8 High Honors LeMere, Sabrina Anne 8 High Honors Martone, Leah Nicole 8 High Honors Messore, Nicole Lynn 8 High Honors Moran, Catherine Lynn 8 High Honors O'Neill, Taylor Nicole 8 High Honors Opie, Tanner Ronald 8 High Honors Pantera, Michael Louis 8 High Honors Pokora, Mary 8 High Honors Pollick, Mara Josephine 8 High Honors Rezendes, Zachary 8 High Honors Romanella, Patrick James 8 High Honors Russo, Mark 8 High Honors Sauro, Rachel Elaine 8 High Honors Stephens, Ashley Marie 8 High Honors Taft, Christina Brianna 8 High Honors Bureau, Jordyn Elizabeth 7 High Honors Cappello, Nicole 7 High Honors Chan, Winnie 7 High Honors Chime, Tenzin 7 High Honors Cottiero, Alec 7 High Honors Czarkowski, Stephanie 7 High Honors D'Agostino, Ava Julia 7 High Honors Damiani, Jillian 7 High Honors Franco, Jordyn Marie 7 High Honors Gibilisco, Austin Frank 7 High Honors Hogan, Sydney 7 High Honors Johnson, Meredith Kryszpin 7 High Honors Joiner, Peyton Webb 7 High Honors Kusmit, Shaun 7 High Honors Lombard, Morgan Denise 7 High Honors Lucibello, Alexi Noelle 7 High Honors Marcarelli, Sydney 7 High Honors Mastriano, Gregory Francis 7 High Honors Mingione, Pasquale 7 High Honors Muzyka, Emily Ruth 7 High Honors Narracci, Alisyn 7 High Honors Nemergut, Carolann Maureen 7 High Honors Nuterangelo, Alexa Leigh 7 High Honors Odell, Connor 7 High Honors Oliver, Kelly 7 High Honors Palmieri, Elisa Rose 7 High Honors Pawlak, Victoria 7 High Honors Scell, Zachary Andrew 7 High Honors Seymour, Stephanie Nicole 7 High Honors Sgambato, Deanna 7 High Honors Sherban, Rory John 7 High Honors Simons, Nicholas Michael 7 High Honors Slubowski, Jamie 7 High Honors Sudusky, Julia Elaine 7 High Honors Theilgard, Michelle Jessica 7 High Honors Tirollo, Giovanni Michael 7 High Honors Wilson, Patience 7 High Honors Young, Hali Brooke 7 High Honors Zargo, Kari Nicole 7 High Honors Anastasio, Sarah Elizabeth 6 High Honors Baughan, Heather Lee 6 High Honors Bryden, Jenna Elizabeth 6 High Honors Candelora, Christopher Salvatore 6 High Honors Colavolpe, Matti Rose 6 High Honors Cordero, Serafina Elizabeth 6 High Honors Covel, Ian Alexander 6 High Honors Criscuolo, Sarah Elizabeth 6 High Honors D'Amico, Marisa Grace 6 High Honors DePalma, Sierra Lynn 6 High Honors Despres, Ethan Jamie 6 High Honors DiEdwards, Hanah Josephine 6 High Honors DiNapoli, Julia Kate 6 High Honors Erne, Emily Anna 6 High Honors Esposito, Abigail Grace 6 High Honors Esposito, Sean Michael 6 High Honors Fair, Bayley Murray 6 High Honors Fillion, Katelyn Elizabeth 6 High Honors Fine, Emily Judith 6 High Honors Galdenzi, Zelda Isabel 6 High Honors Gallo, Samantha 6 High Honors Ghobrial, Benjamin Jacob 6 High Honors Gibilaro, Cheyenne Noelle 6 High Honors Harrison, Makayla 6 High Honors Hassen, Benjamin Horan 6 High Honors Hemstock, Olivia 6 High Honors Jablonski, Jeffrey Scott 6 High Honors Johansen, Alex 6 High Honors Kendrick, Andrew David 6 High Honors Lovelace, John Dylan 6 High Honors Mattson, Lydia Dana 6 High Honors Melillo, Kayleigh Ann 6 High Honors Moeller, David Anthony 6 High Honors Murphy, Molly 6 High Honors Norton, Emilia Ann-Catherine 6 High Honors Pietrogallo, Olivia Kelly 6 High Honors Powers, Brooke Ashley 6 High Honors Prete, Blake Gabrielle 6 High Honors Sauro, Cole Daniel 6 High Honors Sherban, Gavin Walter 6 High Honors Sherban, Rita Marie 6 High Honors Smola, Zachary Hunter 6 High Honors Stanio, Stephen John 6 High Honors Stankiewicz, Hunter Robert 6 High Honors Vitarisi, Sarah Rose 6 High Honors Wilkinson, Emilie Christine 6 High Honors Wilson, Madeline 6 High Honors Blakeslee, James Michael 8 Honors Clough, Lauren 8 Honors Cotton, Alana Rose 8 Honors Diaz, Christian Andres 8 Honors Dulak, Holly 8 Honors Farkash, Alexa 8 Honors Fisher, Patrick Ryan 8 Honors Gries, Ryan Michael 8 Honors Hansen, Emma Olivia 8 Honors Johns, Megan Anne 8 Honors Kruglik, Kyle Matthew 8 Honors Kruser, Jillian Barbara 8 Honors Langello, Nicholas 8 Honors Mancini, Alyssa 8 Honors McNelis, Courtney Rose 8 Honors Panzo, Marissa 8 Honors Poleschuk, George 8 Honors Turner, Jessie Marie 8 Honors Waterbury, Carly Risa 8 Honors Wilson, Spencer 8 Honors Zumbo, Jessica 8 Honors Abrego, Kylie Alexis 7 Honors Affinito, Alexandra 7 Honors Albin, Andrew Liam 7 Honors Alexander, Shaina 7 Honors Allain, Niklas Karl 7 Honors Ballantoni, Brett Anthony 7 Honors Baughan, Maxie Calloway 7 Honors Blake, Dillon John 7 Honors Bronner, Morgan 7 Honors Cintron, Briana Marie 7 Honors Crotta, Nick 7 Honors Curran, Jack Ryan 7 Honors DeFrancesco, Christian 7 Honors Fico, Gabriella Nicole 7 Honors Fiondella, Angelo Joseph 7 Honors Garrison, Nicholas Raymond 7 Honors Hughart, Amanda Thorpe 7 Honors Lucibello, Anthony 7 Honors McGovern, Jordan 7 Honors McKee, Brian 7 Honors Mirabella, Felicia 7 Honors Querfeld, Robert Joseph 7 Honors Regan, Keane John 7 Honors Rezendes, Cullen 7 Honors Rubino, Michael Allen 7 Honors Silva, Preston 7 Honors Stelmaszczyk, Lauren Ann 7 Honors Stelmaszczyk, Rachael Lee 7 Honors Stone, Tabitha Arielle 7 Honors Testa, Stephanie 7 Honors Ash, Nicholas Alan 6 Honors Blakeslee, Madison Olivia 6 Honors Bozzuto, Gavin Kerr 6 Honors Cacopardo, Jarrett Michael 6 Honors Calabrese, Nadia 6 Honors Cirivello, Jessica Marie 6 Honors Coleman, Jasmine Alexandra 6 Honors Dewitt, Julia Ruth 6 Honors Dupuis, Brendan Eli 6 Honors Federico, Nicholas David 6 Honors Fiorillo, Emily Rose 6 Honors Gall, Matthew Steven 6 Honors Godfrey, Britney Marie 6 Honors Grant, Conor Owen 6 Honors Grieco, Katelynn Rose 6 Honors Guest, Adriana Deborah 6 Honors Hammond, Brianna Doris 6 Honors Jamieson, Jared 6 Honors Kostoss, Jesse Wu 6 Honors Leko, Mia Maria 6 Honors Leone, Anthony Walter 6 Honors Little, Grace Helen 6 Honors Lucibelli, Talia Rose 6 Honors Maenza-Scarano, Kayla Elizabeth 6 Honors Martone, Tommaso 6 Honors Mascari, Joseph Michael 6 Honors Murphy, Hayley Bernice 6 Honors Olson, Christopher 6 Honors Pellegrino, John 6 Honors Pollick, Connor Philip 6 Honors Ramada, Danielle Ann 6 Honors Roof, Evan Thomas 6 Honors Stimpson, Brandon Eric 6 Honors Sullivan, Madison Kathleen 6 Honors Sullivan, Sarah 6 Honors Vecchio, Alexandra Nicole 6 Honors Zampano, Marie Jane 6 Honors


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