20 Fun Things to Still Do This Summer—With and Without the Kids—in North Branford

Labor Day is looming, but that’s no reason to be bummed. There is still plenty of time left for summer adventures!

By Dana Leigh Smith

Whether you want to get in some more “me” time or you’re looking to round up the entire family, we’ve got you covered! Try these 20 fun things to do around North Branford before the warm weather fades:

Family Fun

1. Make and fly a kite.

2. Sizzle up solar s’mores. An old pizza box makes the perfect solar oven.

3. Blow bubbles that bounce instead of pop.

4. Splash around at a local water park.

5. Wash your bikes and cars with the kids. They love getting soapy and wet!

6. Host a yard sale. For the best turnout, set up shop on a Saturday morning. Have the kids design and hang signs in the neighborhood and post an ad on Craigslist.

7. Watch your favorite football team get in shape for the upcoming season at training camp. Admission is often free. Visit NFL.com for dates and locations.

8. Go camping in your backyard.

9.  Check out ScienceBuddies.org for dozens of creative, fun science experiments—perfect for various skill levels and ages. Most projects can be done on the cheap.

10. Make homemade ice cream in a Ziploc bag.

Fun for Adults

11. Chill out with wine-infused popsicles.

12. Go hiking or fishing at a local park. Got a pup? Bring Fido along for the fun.

13. Bond with your friends. Plan a girls’ weekend or guys getaway at the beach.

14. Splurge on something you normally wouldn't—like new designer shoes or a Smart TV.

15. Take a local class—art, Spanish, fitness, beer brewing—anything!

Fun for Couples

16. Volunteer at the local animal or homeless shelter. Helping others is a great way to strengthen your bond.

17. Get a couples’ massage at a local resort. Most places will allow you to spend the day poolside for an extra fee. Pay up, get lunch, and make a day out of it.

18. See a movie at the drive-in.

19. Seek adventure. Try indoor rock climbing.

20. Take a couples cooking class.

TELL US: What do you still want to do for fun in North Branford before summer is over?

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